Lasting Stream

A New Zealand based technology start-up
Focusing on blockchain technology and application.

Lasting Wallet

Lasting Wallet is your reliable portal to the crypto-world with full independence and control. It supports all ERC20 tokens and Ether. Instant setup, highly secure, easy backup and restore. Lasting Wallet is elegantly designed, running on both Android and Apple iOS.

No Fake Today

Fake and counterfeit goods have a major impact on legitimate industry. No Fake Today is a disrupter of the counterfeited goods industry. The simple elegant approach backed by highly sophisticated advanced technology using Blockchain technology based on advanced cryptographic technology, challenges the very basis of forgery, fake goods and counterfeiting. It is a leap forward in tackling counterfeiting. Details>


Feel free to email us to let us know your requirement. We would also be very happy to give you free demonstration of the technology and to discuss its application in your company

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